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The Port at
Prince Rupert

2005 Prince Rupert is increasingly at the centre of a global trade corridor connecting Asia and North America. The community didn't even crack the top-20 of a recent survey of Canada's busiest ports but that's about to change. Is Prince Rupert ready?

In May, 2005, the Political Science program at the University of Northern British Columbia hosted a course in Prince Rupert that explored the issue of northern communities in transition. Prince Rupert proved to be an ideal location due to changes that were occurring in the community as a result of the recent announcement of a multi-million dollar container port. Students in the course met with various people in the community, representing local government, the port authority, environmental groups, economic development, and community activists. All of them shared their perspectives on how the container port would change Prince Rupert. This video presents the opinions of many of these people - and others - in illustrating the significance of the port expansion as an instrument of transition.

About Prince Rupert
The community and the port facility that is vital to the future of all of northern
British Columbia.
The northwest coast is one of the most spectacular parts of BC and it has infrastructure geared to global trade.

This website features the videos, photos, and writings of Robert van Adrichem, who has explored several northern regions in transition.