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Oil and Gas

2005 – A major issue of transition for the communities of British Columbia's North Coast is the prospect of offshore oil and gas exploration.

The economic effects could prove to be significant: it's estimated that the recoverable oil and gas reserves in the Queen Charlotte Basin are worth about $100 billion. At the same time, many residents worry about environmental devastation and point to the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989.

This video examines the issue from both perspectives. It was originally produced as a companion to UNBC's research on offshore oil and gas that was conducted through the Northern Coastal Information and Research Program.

Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, and those who are passionate about the the oil and gas issue.
Research Program
UNBC’s Northern Coastal Information and Research Program (website)

This website features the videos, photos, and writings of Robert van Adrichem, who has explored several northern regions in transition.