Robert van Adrichem
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Regional Development in Norway

Robert van Adrichem has a passion for northern regions.
Born and raised in Prince George, BC, he has traveled throughout the northern parts of Canada, Norway, and Finland and was a founding employee of the University of Northern British Columbia. It was at UNBC that he completed a BA General with minors in Northern Studies and Political Science and a Master of Arts in Political Science. His thesis explored the role of northern universities in regional development. All of the videos and photos on this website were shot as course assignments.

The videos and photos were produced with equipment contained in UNBC’s Social Sciences Multimedia Research Laboratory, which was funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the BC Knowledge Development Fund. Video footage was shot with Sony DVCam camcorders and edited with Apple’s Final Cut Pro software. Most of the photos were shot using the Nikon D1x.
Financial support has been provided by the Northern Scientific Training Program and the William Dow Ferry graduate fellowship for students pursuing a master’s degree in political science at UNBC.

Advisors have included Dr. Tracy L. Summerville, Dr. Gary N. Wilson, Dr. Charles J. Jago, Dr. Greg Poelzer, Dr. D. Max Blouw, and Michael C. J. van Adrichem.

The website was designed by Linda J. van der Zande.

This website features the videos, photos, and writings of Robert van Adrichem, who has explored several northern regions in transition.