Knowledge Appurtenancy
Offshore Oil & Gas
The Port at Prince Rupert
Regional Development in Norway

Background Video

2003 - This video was produced as a companion to an academic article exploring the role of universities in building the capacity of northern regions. The article, written by Tracy Summerville, Gary Wilson, and Robert van Adrichem was never published but it served as the basis for conference presentations and the eventual development of the thesis on "knowledge appurtenancy." The interviews with Ken Coates, David Baxter, Clay Iles, Greg Halseth, and others, helped to shape ideas for how universities could be major regional development resources, not just locations for education. Northern BC is the focus of this video, but the ideas presented here are valuable for other non-metropolitan regions.

This website features the videos, photos, and writings of Robert van Adrichem, who has explored several northern regions in transition.