Knowledge Appurtenancy Offshore Oil and Gas The Port at Prince Rupert Regional Development in Norway

Many northern communities owe their existence to natural resources but
the emergence of the knowledge-based economy is positioning northern universities as a new and vital resource for regional development.
Oil and Gas

The potential extraction
of oil and gas off of British Columbia’s north coast is polarizing citizens who see the development of this resource as either an incredible economic opportunity or a frightening environmental risk.
The Port at
Prince Rupert

The development of a container port on Canada’s west coast has positioned Prince Rupert as an important site in a trade corridor linking Asia and North America, but what’s
in it for the community and region?
Regional Development
in Norway

Around the world, big cities are growing, while peripheries are not. Among northern countries, Norway has had success in bucking this trend and is often lauded for its success in regional development.

This website features the videos, photos, and writings of Robert van Adrichem, who has explored several northern regions in transition.